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At Padmaja Hospital, we follow a genuine practice of providing a plan of regular follow-up visits to check certain risk factors including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity. This also provides the patients with a good opportunity to discuss any concerns they have. We also provide a written copy of the detailed home care and follow-up instructions which is important for the speedy recovery. Our hospital employs a dedicated follow-up team of doctors who focus on coordinating the follow-up appointments in a flexible manner. It is important for the patient who underwent a surgery to have this sort of timely follow-up after being discharged so the surgeon can evaluate the recovery and response to treatment and to make sure the patient can continue to get better and not relapse.

Padmaja Hospital incorporates the latest technology and medical equipment in patient care which enhances the quality of care and helps the doctors treat patients efficiently. We offer cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology for therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, many of which were pioneered by our own researchers and clinicians. Our technology enhances the quality by providing more comfortable patient experience and a smooth workflow. The latest technology and modern equipment at Padmaja Hospital benefit patients to get better access to the minimally invasive surgical procedures at an affordable cost, which is something not available in all the hospitals.